= Solo Show

Oct 3   Art in the Park - Springfeld,TN


Apr 29          *Swing into Spring!   Springfield,TN

May 15            the Birdhouse Thing  Nashville,TN

Oct 4              ART in the PARK       Springfield,TN

                                         Oct -Nov 22   Springfield Inn Gallery  Springfield,TN*


March 12       The Birdhouse Thing-Nashville,TN

April 23           Swing into SPRING-Springfield,TN *

                                  June 1           Coopertown Barrel Festival -   Coopertown,TN                                                                                                                
Oct 5             ART in the PARK - Springfield,TN


March 8:         The Birdhouse Thing - Nashville,TN

Oct. 6:           ART in the PARK -Springfield,TN


           Jan-Feb     Willow Oak Center for Arts   Springfield
           March 10      "the Birdhouse Thing"         Nashville,TN
           April                   Front Page Deli          Clarksville,TN
           May-June      Greener Groundz       Bowling Green,KY *
           Oct 1              Art in the Park                Springfield,TN


January 15 - Feb 28: Greener Groundz -Bowling Green,KY *
March: Gorham-MacBane Library-Springfield,TN *
March 11: the Birdhouse Thing-Nashville,TN
July: Hopkinsville KY Community College *
Oct 2: "ART in the Park"-Springfield,TN


Jan-Feb     Community Bank-Springfield,TN * 
Mar-Apr       Gorham-MacBane Library-Springfield,TN * 
Mar 12th "the Birdhouse Thing"-W.O.Smith-Nashville,TN 
Apr   Talents Coffee Studio (w/ Lucy Ray) Springfield,TN 
May 9  "Strolling thru the Arts"-Springfield,TN 
June-July       Gorham-MacBane Library-Springfield,TN * 
Sept 18     "In ART We Trust"-Nashville,TN 
Oct 3  "ART In The Park"-Springfield,TN


Jan   Talents Coffee Studio, Springfield,TN
(with Lucy Ray) 
Feb    Talents Coffee Studio, Springfield,TN
(with Michael Manly) 
Mar    Batey Gallery ("The Yellow House") Nashville,TN 
Mar      UNTITLED Artists Group Spring Show, Nashville,TN 
April-May   "Spring !" Gorham-McBane Library-Springfield,TN * 
May   "Strolling Thru the Arts"-Springfield,TN 
May    "Chairs on the Square"-Springfield,TN 
June   Community Bank & Trust Gallery- Springfield,TN * 
June  UNTITLED Artists Group Summer Show- Nashville,TN 
July   Talents Coffee Studio- Springfield,TN
(with Lucy Ray) 
July- August  "Freedom"-Epiphany Gallery-Springfield,TN 
Sept    UNTITLED Artists Group Fall Show -Nashville,TN 
Oct  "Eyes..The Windows of the Soul"-Epiphany Gallery-Springfield,TN 
Oct-Nov    Robertson County Arts Council "Members Show"
Robertson County Chamber of Commerce-Springfield,TN 
Dec    Talents Coffee Studio- Springfield,TN
(with  J.Terry Price)



Dec. Talents Coffee Studio-Springfield,TN